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All sales directly support surf therapy for military veterans. Feel good about your purchase, knowing where your money is going.

Surf Therapy

combines the physical activity of surfing with structured group activities to help promote physical, psychological, and social well-being with clinically proven improvements in social skills, relationships, emotional regulation, and problem-solving. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Surf Therapy?

Surf therapy provides a unique blend of physical activity and mental rejuvenation, fostering a profound sense of peace and well-being. Riding the waves helps individuals build confidence and resilience, translating to greater emotional stability in their daily lives. Moreover, the communal aspect of surf therapy creates a supportive environment, promoting deep connections and a sense of belonging among participants.

What topics are covered during the program?

Veterans “peg the purpose needle” early in life by being a part of something bigger themselves. And while serving our country is a noble cause, it can leave veterans feeling comparatively unfulfilled later in life, ultimately searching for a new purpose.
Military service requires such sacrifice that it becomes the defining narrative for years of our lives. Then one day, it is over, and veterans are left to navigate life without such an identifiable storyline, leaving many feeling adrift.
Military members experience a large volume of interaction with others who are remarkably similar to themselves while serving. But that experience drops off significantly later in life and can leave many veterans without a sense of belonging and lead to loneliness and isolation.

Where is the program executed?

All sessions are held in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.
It is necessary for veterans who commit to the program to attend all of the sessions to ensure resources are being utilized most efficiently.

What is the cost?

The surf therapy program is totally cost free for veterans thanks to our supporters who continue to purchase apparel and surf equipment as well as make generous donations.
At this time, the program does not include travel costs or lodging.

How can I support Surf Brigade?

The best means of providing support to Surf Brigade's surf therapy program for veterans is to spread the word, make purchases, and donations!

Where are our surfboards made?

Our surfboards are made in the USA and are specifically designed for beginner and intermediate surfers who want to maximize their wave count and have fun!
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About Us

Surf Brigade is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that blends military grit with surf culture to create the highest quality surf equipment and lifestyle apparel; with proceeds dedicated to surf therapy for veterans.

"This program can change the trajectory of someone's life by opening them up to others who they can now count on in the future."
"This program is a blueprint for a successful community and epitomizes what we need as individuals!"
"This program is what veterans need for self-healing and allowing us to meet other veterans like us."

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Our apparel and surf equipment is designed, manufactured, and printed in the US.

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