About The Program

In the serene coastal town of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, a transformative journey takes place twice a year, bringing together veterans seeking a renewed sense of purpose and belonging. This journey is known as Surf Brigade, a multi-week program that unfolds every Spring and Fall.

At the heart of Surf Brigade is a mission to help veterans navigate three of their most pressing challenges: Purpose, Narrative, and Community. Guided by experienced cadre members and experts, participants engage in profound discussions that delve into these themes, forging new paths and perspectives.

Each week, the team gathers on Saturdays for an uplifting and therapeutic surf session. For five weeks, the rhythmic embrace of the ocean becomes a powerful healer. Veterans, equipped with all necessary surfing gear provided by the program, learn to ride the waves, experiencing the joy and freedom that comes with it.

The true essence of Surf Brigade lies in its spirit of camaraderie and commitment. There is no financial cost to participate, but veterans are expected to fully engage in the program, stay connected with their "battle buddies," and continue facing challenges as a united community.

Through Surf Brigade, veterans discover not just the thrill of surfing, but a renewed sense of purpose and a supportive network, empowering them to navigate life's waves with resilience and strength.